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Rob Locke has been a working actor for more than twenty years.
Rob grew up in London, where he is currently based. He performed regularly in youth theatre until the age of
20, when he was cast as a recurring guest star on a then-prominent children’s television show. For the
ensuing decade, he was a regular actor on several scripted series in Britain, as well as a nationally
recognized television host.
Rob moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2008, where he played an extensive repertoire of roles in feature
films (including Beyond the Lights, AWOL-72 and Default), television shows (including Ray Donovan, NCIS,
NCIS: Los Angeles, Scorpion, Marvel’s Agent Carter, General Hospital, 2 Broke Girls, Hot in Cleveland,
You’re the Worst, Family Tools, Henry Danger and Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and video games (including Mass
Effect 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim).
Rob’s innate versatility, unimpeachable comic timing and richly nuanced character development, allow him to
successfully straddle (and frequently blur) the line between comedy and drama. A prodigious aptitude for
languages and international dialects (Russian in particular, which he speaks fluently) has made him one of
the go-to actors for Eastern European roles. Rob’s wheelhouse of characters will either kill you with laughter
or laugh while they kill you!
Rob has a palpable presence and mesmeric manner, both on- and off-screen. Physical resemblances aside,
his talents and larger-than-life personality are often likened to a young Orson Welles, Robbie Coltrane, Brian
Cox, or John Rhys-Davies.