Rob Locke has played dozens of roles in scripted television, voice-over, and film. He has also hosted more than 8000 hours of LIVE, unscripted, broadcast TV...
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Rob was born in England and grew up in the nation's capital, London. He was bitten by the "acting bug" during his first school play, at the tender age of six. He continued performing regularly in Youth Theater until the age of eighteen, when he left school and started working professionally in the television industry.
In 1992 Rob found his calling in children's TV. For the ensuing five years he was a regular on several scripted shows for The Children's Channel (TCC), Britain's first dedicated network for kids, where he also hosted live interstitial programs and game show segments. In 1996 he guest-starred on Words and Pictures (one of the BBC's longest-running children's TV series), alongside former Doctor Who companion Sophie Aldred, whom he'd previously worked with at The Children's Channel.
Rob's career escalated rapidly, with his unique brand of broadcasting spawning his own regional talk show called The Locke Exchange, alongside a daytime current affairs show and late-night music series, each of which he produced and hosted from 1998 to 1999. This was in addition to seven years as one of Britain's most venerated QVC Hosts between 1995 and 2002.
Since immigrating to the USA in 2003, Rob has appeared in a long list of TV, film and commercial projects, including Team Butkus Life Performance (a talk show he developed and co-hosted with NFL Hall-of-Fame legend Dick Butkus in 2006). In 2007 Rob returned to live television as a prime-time Host on GemsTV, where the network's national audience dubbed him "the most entertaining Host on television."
At the end of 2008, Rob fulfilled his long-term objective of living and working in Los Angeles. Since moving to America's entertainment capital he has landed numerous roles. These include guest-starring on Spike TV's 1000 Ways to Die and GSN's Instant Recall pilot, making his film debut in the independent feature Cinema Salvation, and starring as Niles (reality TV's first character Host) in the highly publicized 2009 VH1 series Megan Wants a Millionaire.
In 2010, Rob starred in a national commercial for Microsoft to launch Internet Explorer 8 in Britain, hosted the pilot of poker-themed game show Call the Floorman, recurred as a BP Executive on ABCís Jimmy Kimmel Live!, narrated the VH1 series Youíre Cut Off!, and starred as the Science Correspondent in History's pilot Breaking News.
2011 was a busy year for Rob. He reprised his role as Narrator for season 2 of VH1ís Youíre Cut Off!, returned to ABCís Jimmy Kimmel Live! as the voice of Colin Firth, became the national TV Spokesman for NET10 Wireless, and co-anchored Prius Records (a 2-day, LIVE, 20-hour, record-setting, global webcast for Toyota Prius). He appeared in a viral video for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, played the British News Anchor in EAís live-action trailer for Mass Effect 3, and voiced numerous characters in the award-winning video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Rob also co-starred as a Czech mobster in the season 2 finale of NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS, played supporting roles in the feature films Default, Spanners and I Love Your Moves, and starred as a psychopathic London gangster in the movie Geezas.
At the beginning of 2012, Rob was cast as Niko in the pilot of ABC's mid-season sitcom Family Tools, starring Leah Remini, J.K. Simmons, Kyle Bornheimer, and other illustrious cast members.